CrossMAG- The largest magazine in Italy for Crossfitters and fans Fitness functional.

The magazine and its collaborators currently cover many topics including:

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  • Weightlifting
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • News about the Italian community

Everything a fitness enthusiast is looking for.

Who is CrossMAG?

CROSSMAG SRL is a marketing and communication agency for sports, specializing in CrossFit and functional fitness.
It's a Startup born in the 2019, with a solid experience behind its founding members and the team of professionals that make it up: content editors, web marketing and social media managers, copywriters, nutritionists.
THE PROJECT stems from the real passion for the world of Crossfit and everything around it.
At the base there is a deep knowledge of the dynamics and the protagonists of what can be defined as one of the most promising contemporary sports phenomena, with an increasing number of enthusiasts.
The - ambitious - OBJECTIVE of Crossmag is to create synergies between the various players on the sports scene (athletes, sponsors, event organizers) and, at the same time, to offer multiple visibility solutions to the target audience.
To do this, Crossmag studied innovative tools and services, to be made available to its partners and customers:


Why was CrossMAG born?

Sports communication is a precious tool thanks to which the BOXES, ever closer to the idea of ​​a company and a non-profit association, can build their relationships both external and internal to the organization.

Furthermore, the social interest linked to the events, events, teams, companies and athletes, the passion that sport arouses in the spectators and the will of supporters to identify with their idols, determine an interest of the world of industry in towards sport and inevitably tie it to the business environment.

Sport is a slice of our life, e CrossMAG wants to live it live, igniting and feeding emotions, offering the feeling of directly participating in the evolution of this sport in our country

What does CrossMAG do?

The main function of CrossMAG it is precisely to support sports communication and to guarantee clubs a positive image with the reference public; to achieve this goal, all the advertising and promotional tools are used that can make fans aware of the company's projects and values, and the contribution of sponsoring companies is sought that have the desire to combine their name and fame with the world of sport.

Who is CrossMAG for?

The positive image that the sports club tries to convey to practitioners and fans includes the sense of belonging and values ​​such as loyalty and altruism, usually inherent in true supporters of sports.

The feeling of sharing that binds the fans of the same team who rejoice together for the victories and what they achieve force each other when negative competitive results are achieved, is the target of companies that produce sports products and work closely with companies.

Their goal is to make the enthusiasts get involved in the same aggregation by buying their products and thus becoming loyal consumers.

CrossMAG and its content is not affiliated with CrossFit, Inc in any way it is endorsed by CrossFit, Inc or any of its subsidiaries. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc.


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