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The best ring exercises for a full body workout

Ring exercises for a complete workout

No longer relegated to the acrobatic and pirouetting world of gymnasts, the rings are experiencing a well-deserved period of popularity - also thanks to the availability of inexpensive models, of good workmanship, easy to assemble and disassemble ...

… And versatile. So much so that, yes: you can think of fisher them to the ceiling of your home gym ... but you can also simply dangle them from the pull up bar (at home, or in the neighborhood park) or, why not, from the sufficiently horizontal branch of a tree - after having checked their solidity.

But once assembled: what to do?

Ring exercises for a complete workout

The rings allow you to perform a very wide range of exercises. Although apparently arms, shoulders and back-centric, with rings you can work all the muscles of the body. Articulations permitting, you can even build a full body board.

Note: I will try to outline some in this article exercises feasible for a beginner. We are not Yuri Chechi (unfortunately), and to get to do the swallow (or Maltese) it takes a lifetime.

Finally a warning: ring exercises should be performed following gradual progressions, because the risk of injury is just around the corner. Warming up is obviously crucial.

Ring push ups: chest and triceps

A great version of the pushups: challenging, as it requires excellent core control. Yet even more "soft", as the movement of the rings - once the right stability of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints is achieved - best supports the movement along the movement planes of these.

Push ups on the rings can be done the same variants as those on the ground:

Other exercises for the triceps

Some ring dips we have already spoken at the time (spoiler: we tried to figure out if they were better than those at the bars).

With the rings it is also possible to perform the triceps extension: much more difficult than with cables or free weights, they require a strong play of the stabilizing muscles (shoulder blade, chest).

Support hold

The "basic ring support" trains core and isometric strength. It starts with a neutral grasp of the rings, and pushes upwards, until the elbows are locked. If you rotate the grip outward, the exercise becomes more difficult.

"Superman" to the rings

Grasping the low rings - 20 cm from the ground - you crouch down and then push your arms forward - like Superman, in fact - and keep your body perfectly aligned. Core contracted like never before, of course.

For the back: australian pull up

Also called inverted row, are part of the progression to get to do the pull ups.

Ringed Australians can be made more difficult by placing your feet on a bench.

Can I train the legs in the rings?

I said full body, and full body both. Yes, you can train your legs with rings too, but it takes a little inventiveness.

Among the exercises you can perform:


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